Cucina Antica - specialità italiane - condimenti per pasta


Cucina Antica is a brand of Menù, a company that was set up near Modena, the home of great traditions and talents expressed in art, music, technology and above all food, with specialities famous all around the world such as tortellini, zampone (stuffed pig's trotters) and balsamic vinegar.


Sixty years have passed since the salami factory was founded by Romolo Barbieri in Cavezzo (Modena) in 1932, and since then the company has undergone a true metamorphosis. Today Menù, chaired by Rodolfo Barbieri, Romolo's son, is a company with 250 employees, 240 agents with around 30,000 customers, more than 600 products in its catalogue, a factory of over 40,000 square metres and a turnover of € 60,000,000.


Let's look at the most important stages in the growth of Menù and trace its history.


In 1941 the company started out by producing meat sauce, the first food speciality that would pave the way for all the rest.


In 1950 it started to produce stock cubes and, at the same time, some ready-made specialities.


1962 was the year MENU' began to operate in the catering sector, becoming one of the top companies in Italy for bottled and tinned foods; the great results obtained by these products was to determine the company's future business strategy.


In 1972 work began on building the Medolla factory.


In 1999 Menù was awarded the UNI EN ISO 9002 quality certificate for its production process.

Menù today
Today Menù is a modern company with avant-garde machinery such as the aseptic sterilisation plant which guarantee products of an unbeatable quality and freshness.
All the same, the production method has not changed; the accuracy and procedures still reproduce the style of cooking in a traditional family kitchen.

The new products research and development department is very important. This is where the new ideas come from, always in line with the requests of a continually changing market.

Most of Menù's products, and in particular the items in the Cucina Antica line, are made using seasonal produce.

Where we are

The Menù factory is located in the heart of Emilia: it boasts new avant-garde facilities such as the plants specialised in processing tomatoes and aseptic packaging.

Alongside the factory is the restaurant which has deliberately been given the warm, welcoming atmosphere of a country farmhouse. Here the highly trained chefs carefully present dishes for all to taste made using the vast range of Cucina Antica products.