Cucina Antica - specialità italiane - condimenti per pasta

The trademark

Cucina Antica is a brand produced by Menù, a leading company in the Italian catering sector.

At Cucina Antica we make our products by combining the most advanced technology - our plants cannot be beaten anywhere in Europe - and the choicest raw materials, handled with care to reproduce traditional recipes.


Cucina Antica offers you a vast array of products ranging from traditional meat, mushroom and game sauces, to Mediterranean sauces, including fish and pesto, as well as vegetable-based creams and sauces, delicate mayonnaise and dressings for rice salads and cold pasta dishes. Cucina Antica also proposes tasty side dishes, antipasti in oil or balsamic vinegar and pickled onions.


All this is produced with passion by our cooks alongside expert technicians.


Cucina Antica's specialities do not contain preservatives and undergo strict controls. As the food is cooked after the product is closed, all the flavours are brought out, just like in a pressure cooker.


The extra fresh raw materials mainly come from the prosperous Emilian countryside and the main national markets.